Man arrested for burning mattresses under sleeping people

A 50-year-old Humptulips man was arrested after setting fire to mattresses occupied by three people at about 1 a.m. Monday morning in the east alley of the 100 block of North G Street, according to an Aberdeen Police Department release.

Police officers contained the fire with extinguishers from their patrol cars until the fire department arrived and put out the smoldering mattresses. A 62-year-old Forks man, a 49-year-old Queets woman and a 57-year-old Elma man who were on the mattresses before the fire escaped injury, the release said.

The victims explained to police that the suspect was angry and yelling at the 62-year-old because they wouldn’t allow him to stay with them. Moments later, the mattresses they were on went up in flames, the release said.

The suspect was booked for arson, harassment and a hate crime due to statements he made to police.