Hospital reduces salaries for supervisors

In line with recent layoffs and cutbacks to maintain services, all staff in supervisory positions at Grays Harbor Community Hospital are facing a 10 percent salary reduction.

Public relations director Nancee Long said workers were informed of the change Thursday morning, and estimated that about 40 people fit the supervisor category, including CEO Tom Jensen.

“It’s certainly an indicator that we’re all in this together,” Long said. “We certainly want the hospital to succeed, and it should happen from the top down.”

Long wasn’t sure how much money the move would save between now and April, when officials will evaluate whether the pay cut is still necessary. Part of the problem is that fewer patients are coming in for treatment, which Long said is a common trend throughout Washington.

“Like any business, when the volume is down, you can’t employ as many people and can’t maintain status quo,” she said, adding that more cutbacks are likely in the upcoming year as they work to maintain full services.

Last month, the hospital laid off and outsourced the jobs of seven employees in the hospital’s health information management group. For Long and her co-workers, she said their top priority is serving the community, and they would make whatever decisions necessary to provide for Grays Harbor.

“It’s the decision best for the community,” she said. “We all have a vested interest in the hospital succeeding. Most importantly, we need the hospital here to care for our community.”