Fire district 2 candidate doesn’t live in district

Former Hoquiam Fire chief says he has no plans to move back into district.

Fire District 2 Commissioner Paul Dean said Monday that he is not a resident of the district and that if he wins, the November election, he would not be a “valid candidate.”

Dean, who is running against Dale Hensley, said that while he owns a home in the district that is in the process of being sold, he does not live in the district and has no plans of moving back into the district. He said the sale of the home could close this week.

Fire District 2 attorney Brian Snure said the district follows RCW 52.14.010, Subsection 1, when determining whether people are qualified to sit on the commission. That RCW states, fire district commissions shall be “composed initially of three registered voters residing in the district … .”

The Fire District 2 had no comment on the situation.

Dean retired last year as chief after almost 38 years with the Hoquiam Fire Department.