Carlson found to be in compliance with court order

Carlson’s mandated in-person presence draws locals to advocate for Oakley

After multiple attempts to provide an evaluation and treatment plan, Andrew Carlson, the prime suspect in the disappearance of his 5-year-old biological daughter Oakley Carlson, appeared in person at the Grays Harbor Superior Court on Monday, Oct. 3, for a review hearing for re-arraignment. He was found to be in compliance with his court order although he will continue to be monitored.

This was the fourth hearing in as many weeks for Carlson, who was released from jail on Aug. 3 following an eight-month long sentence after pleading guilty to two felony charges of child endangerment unrelated to Oakley. Carlson, who appeared via video call at his last review hearing on Sept. 26, was mandated by Judge Katherine L. Svoboda to appear in person for the Oct. 3 hearing after failing to provide his chemical dependency evaluation to the judge and his defense attorney Johnathan Feste.

With the in-person hearing mandated and threats of punishment if failing to comply, this prompted more than a dozen local community members advocating for Oakley to wait outside the courthouse with signs, eager to ask Carlson about the whereabouts of his missing daughter.

When Carlson and a member of his defense counsel, Karrie Young, left the courthouse following the hearing, they were greeted by the community members with statements and questions such as, “Do the right thing” and “How do you live with yourself?” Carlson did not respond to any member of the crowd and walked away.

Although Carlson has met the requirements of his court order and is essentially a free man, he is still barred from having any contact with minors under 18 except for his biological kids.