Canine Reading Buddies back

Dogs are famously renowned for being “Man’s Best Friend,” but for a local East County library — it’s more like “Kid’s Best Friend.”

The Montesano Timberland Library hosted the first of two Canine Reading Buddies events this week, as part of their Summer Library Program. The Timberland Regional Library district-wide program is designed for kids to practice their reading skills, build self-confidence, and learn how to associate reading positively.

Carol Brumfield, who is the organizer of the event says that she’s excited to have the program back and the overall goal is to help kids feel more comfortable in an environment with no judgment.

“I think it’s a great opportunity for kids who are just learning how to read to be able to showcase their skills to some well-behaved therapy dogs. It also helps that our furry friends are nonjudgmental for just about everything,” Brumfield said. “We used to do this event regularly before the pandemic happened so this is the first time in three years that we have the dogs back in here.”

Brumfield went on to say normally the event saw about 20 kids each time, so she’s hoping for the same or more turnout. She also says that there is no cost to bring your children in to read with the dogs and that there is a plan in the future to have the dogs return to the schools later in the year to help kids practice their reading.

For people who were interested in bringing their kids to the Montesano Timberland Library, the event was being held on Thursday, June 23, from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. located on 125 S. Main St. Kids were welcome to drop in anytime between the two-hour time allotment and stay for as long as they wish until the dogs leave. The next event will be held on July 21. For more questions, people are encouraged to call Brumfield at 360-249-4211.