Final candidates trickle in before filing cutoff

Story updated Friday at 5:08 p.m.

In the Aberdeen City Council races, Joshua Francy filed as the lone candidate for the council position left by Pete Schave, who’s running for mayor of Aberdeen. Shaney Crosby filed for Ward 1 in Aberdeen, challenging Robert Rodgers for current council member Jim Cook’s position. Cook did not file for re-election. In Hoquiam, city council member Greg Grun filed for mayor, meaning a primary will happen with Jasmine Dickhoff and Ben Winkelman.

Jamie Brand filed for Hoquiam’s Ward 4 position, and will run against Al Dick.

In McCleary, Jeffrey Prowse filed to challenge in the mayor race against incumbent Brenda Orffer. Meanwhile in Westport, Joseph Whitmore filed to challenge incumbent Rob Bearden for mayor.

Story updated Thursday.

Former Aberdeen Mayor Bill Simpson will face Scott Dilley of Montesano for the Hospital District 2 Position 2 board seat in the August primary.

“I want to make sure the hospital stays here,” said Simpson. He said things need to be improved and changed to accomplish that. Dilley announced his candidacy on his Facebook page Wednesday, saying in part, “My motivation for seeking this position is to use my abilities to give back to our community.” Dilly is currently the communication director for the Washington State Dairy Federation.

Races for the Aberdeen City Council are filling out with one day left to file: Nathan Kennedy and David Gakin have filed in Ward 2; Kati Kachman and Dave Deakin have filed for Ward 3; and there’s a three-way race so far in Ward 4: Deborah Ross, incumbent Margo Shortt and Tara Mareth.

Former Fire District 2 commissioner Dale E. Hensley has filed to run against incumbent Paul Deen in that district’s Position 2. Hensley is a former Aberdeen firefighter and paramedic; Deen recently retired after 38 years with the Hoquiam Fire Department and was assistant chief for 10 years and chief from 2012 to his retirement in October 2018.

Story updated Wednesday at 3:30 p.m..

There are three races for Aberdeen City Council that have yet to draw a candidate as of late Wednesday afternoon. Races for Ward 3 Councilman Jeff Cook’s, Ward 4 Councilwoman Margo Shortt’s and Ward 5 Councilman Pete Schave’s seats have yet to attract candidates willing to pay the $47.22 fee to enter the race. Robert J. Rodgers filed to fill the Ward 1 Position 1 seat currently occupied by James Cook.

Candidates continue to step forward in Ocean Shores, where Eric Noble has filed to fill the Position 7 seat he was appointed to last year. David Linn also has filed to seek the Position 7 job.

In Westport, Kathryn Franzen has decided to take on Rose Jensen to fill Councilwoman Brandi Holmes’ Position 5 seat.

Story updated Tuesday at 3:30 p.m.

Ocean Shores continues its tradition of political activism.

As of Tuesday afternoon, there were six contested races for this fall’s elections. Three of those races were for Ocean Shores positions.

In the race for mayor of Ocean Shores, incumbent Crystal Dingler will face off against Carlos Roldan and Dan Marlowe. Richard Wills, Lorraine Hardin and John Schroeder are vying for OS Councilwoman Lisa Griebel’s Position 3 seat. Griebel has yet to enter the race. And Councilman Bob Peterson faces a challenge from Chuck Anderson for the OS Council Position 6 job.

In Hoquiam, Mayor Jasmine Dickhoff has decided to seek re-election. Ben Winkelman was the first person to file for that position.

Hospital District 2’s third district seat has two candidates: Lynn Csernotta and Al Smith. They seek to fill Miles Logenbaugh’s seat.

And the race for mayor of Aberdeen remains unchanged from yesterday with three people filed as of Tuesday afternoon.

Monday at 5:30 p.m.

Two candidates filed to challenge incumbent Aberdeen Mayor Erik Larson’s bid for re-election, Hoquiam Mayor Jasmine Dickhoff and City Councilman Ben Winkelman have filed for mayor, and incumbent Ocean Shores Mayor Crystal Dingler has a challenger in Carlos Roldan as of Monday evening, the first day of candidate filing for the 2019 election.

Aberdeen Ward 5 Councilman Pete Schave and current Aberdeen City Council President Tawni Andrews will face Larson in the primary. The top-two vote getters in any race move on to the general election in November.

In other mayoral races, Kyle Pauley has filed for Mayor of Cosmopolis; incumbent Vini Samuel has filed for re-election in Montesano, as has incumbent Westport Mayor Rob Bearden. Angelo M. Cilluffo has filed for Mayor of Oakville.

Other candidate filings in Grays Harbor County Monday included:

Port of Grays Harbor

Commissioner 1: Phil Papac

Commissioner 2: Tom Quigg, Tim Carr

Hospital District 1

Position 3: Andrew (Drew) Hooper, Chad Searls

Position 5: Gary Thumser

Hospital District 2

Commissioner District 1: Chris Thomas

Commissioner District 2: Michael Bruce

Commissioner District 3: Lynn Csernotta, Al Smith, Richard Thompson

Position 1: David T. Quigg

Position 2: Scott Dilley, Bill Simpson, Melanie Sturgeon

Aberdeen Mayor

Erik Larson, Pete Schave, Tawni Andrews, Janae Chhith

Aberdeen Council

Ward 1: Robert J. Rodgers, Shaney Crosby

Ward 2: Nathan Kennedy, David Gakin

Ward 3: Kati Kachman, Dave Deakin

Ward 4: Deborah Ross, Margo Shortt, Tara Mareth

Ward 5: Joshua Francy

Ward 6: Dee Anne Shaw

Cosmopolis Mayor

Kyle Pauley, Steve Davis, Mark Collett, Cheryl Turner

Cosmopolis City Council

Position 1: Candice Makos, Kelsey Davis

Position 2: Stana Cummings

Position 3: Jim Ancich

Elma Mayor

Jim Sorensen

Elma City Council

Position 4: Charles Butterfield, Mike Cooper

Position 5: Josh Collette, Jim Taylor

Hoquiam Mayor

Ben Winkelman, Jasmine Dickhoff, Greg Grun

Hoquiam City Council

Ward 1 Position 1: Dave Wilson Sr.

Ward 2 Position 3: Steven J. Puvogel

Ward 3 Position 5: Shannon Patterson

Ward 4 Position 8: Al Dick, Jamie Brand

Ward 5 Position 9: Brenda Carlstrom

Ward 6 Position 12: Dave Hinchen

McCleary Mayor

Brenda Orffer, Jeffrey Prowse

McCleary City Council

Position 1: Jenna Amsbury, Synthicy Omega

Position 2: Brycen Huff

Montesano Mayor

Vini Samuel

Montesano City Council

Position 4: Brooke Chapman-Hoiness, Dave Skaramuca

Position 5: Megan M. Valentine

Position 7: Dan Wood

Oakville Mayor

Angelo M. Cilluffo

Oakville City Council

Position 1: Thomas Sims

Position 2: Traci D. Fallow

Position 3: Dan Martin

Position 4: Julie Zehe, Allen Werth

Ocean Shores Mayor

Carlos Roldan, Crystal Dingler, Dan Marlowe, Susan Conniry

Ocean Shores City Council

Position 2: Kathryn L. Sprigg, Michael Darling

Position 3: Richard Wills, John Schroeder, Frank Elduen, Dennis Schulte

Position 4: Jon Martin, Lorraine Hardin, Eva Russell

Position 6: Chuck Anderson, Bob Peterson

Position 7: Eric Noble, David Linn, Brian Ferguson

Westport Mayor

Rob Bearden, Joseph Whitmore

Westport City Council

Position 2: Robert N. Parnell

Position 5: Rose Jensen, Kathryn Franzen

School District 5 – Aberdeen

Position 1: Jennifer Durney, Jeremy Wright

Position 2: Thomas (TJ) West, Suzy Ritter

Position 3: Jessica Jurasin, William “Doc” Carter

School District 28 – Hoquiam

Position 1: Don Oliver

Position 2: Hoki Moir

Position 3: Bryce Puvogel

School District 64 — North Beach

Director District 3: Jane Harnagy

Director District 4: Jessica J. Holt

School District 65 — McCleary

Director District 1: Rebecca Scott

Director District 4: Teneille Carpenter

Director District 5: Nicole Skeem

School District 66 – Montesano

Director District 3: Doug Streeter

Director District 4: Tiffany Schweppe

Director District 5: Kelly Vance, Priscilla Shaw

School District 68 – Elma

Director District 2: Justin A. Cristelli

Director District 3: Bernadette Bower

Director District 4: Bethany Whipple-Boling

School District 77 — Tahola

Position 1: Titus Capoeman, Tyson Johnston

Position 2: Merian Juneau, Robert Jackson

School District 97 — Quinault

District 1: Jon Neeland

District 3: David Hughes

District 5 (at large): Jody Lines

School District 99 — Cosmopolis

Director District 1: Tina Miles

Director District 3: Michelle Barre, Judi Lohr

Director District 5 (at large): Paula Jones, Mike Charlton

School District 104 — Satsop

Position 2: Darlene Reynolds

School District 117 — Wishkah

Director District 1: Bruce Daniels

Director District 3: Jeanne Ward, Loretta Conway

Director District 4: Anthony Gutierrez

Director District 5: Daniel J. Perron

School District 172 — Ocosta

Director District 1: Greg Miller

Director District 3: Duane W. Pegg, Jim Schaeffer

Position 5: Deborah Carter-Bowhay

School District 79 — Mary M Knight

Director District No. 1: Bryan Walsworth

Director District No. 3: Cynthia Brehmeyer, Rick Johnson

Director Position No. 1: Mike Bateman

Director Position No. 2: Jennifer Jutson, Amanda Gonzales

School District 400 — Oakville

Director District 3: Joe Reed

Director District 5: Tamara Ruymann

School District 61 — Rochester

School Board Director District 2: Grant Rodeheaver

School Board Director District 4: James “Neil” Turner

Candidate filings in Pacific County include:

Port of Ilwaco Commissioner District 3: Al “Butch” Smith

Port of Willapa Harbor Commissioner District 3: Todd P. Stephens

Long Beach Mayor: Jerry Phillips

Long Beach Council

Member 1: Donald E. McGuire Jr.

Member 2: Tina McGuire

Member 3: Del R. Murry

Raymond City Council

Member 3: Colby Rogers

Member 6: Ian Farrell

South Bend City Council

City Council Member 1: Daryle Buchanan, Wyatt Kuiken

City Council Member 2: Darren Manlow

School District #101

Director District 1: Anna Taft

Director District 5: John Holtermann

School District #116

Director District 1: Jim Olsen

Director District 4: Ron Bell

School District #118

Director District 1: Dave Eastham, Carolanne Watness

Director District 2: Steve Rogers, Wendy J. Manlow

Director Position 2 (at large): Todd Strozyk, Rhonda Johnson

School District #155

Director District 3: Chuck Hendrickson

School District #160

Director District 1: Andy Portmann

Director District 2: Alyssa Rowlett

Position 4 (at large): Pat Matlock

School District #172

Director District 1: Greg Miller

Director District 3: Duane W. Pegg, Jm Schaeffer

Position 5: Deborah Carter Bowhay

School District #301

Director District 3: Joseph Wooster

Director Position 5 at-large: Mara McGrath

Hospital District 2

Commissioner District 3: Dave Vetter

Commissioner Position 1: Michael S. Lignoski, Toni M. Williams

Hospital District 3

Commissioner District 2: Sandra Stonebreaker

Commissioner District 4: Ariel Smith