$10 million for North Shore Levee in 2019-21 state capital budget

Hoquiam fared well in the recently passed 2019 state capital budget, with $1,152,403 going directly to the city and a total of $11,445,403 “that will benefit our community,” said Hoquiam Mayor Jasmine Dickhoff.

Funding includes:

$10,000,000 for the North Shore Levee through the Office of the Chehalis Basin Budget. “This funding will allow for the completion of the Fry Creek Pump Station, which is one of the most critical components of the project,” said Dickhoff, who added that the money is to “address critical improvements for the levee to happen.” The city will continue to seek additional funding through federal, state and local sources, said Dickhoff.

$515,000 to replace the sprinkler system, siding, paint and make structural repairs to Olympic Stadium. “This was a legislative request that Rep. Mike Chapman and Sen. Kevin Van De Wege agreed to sponsor for the city,” said Dickhoff.

$157,000 for upland park improvements to the Adams Street Waterfront Park. “This was a very competitive grant program that required a presentation before the Recreation and Conservation Office,” said Dickhoff. “The Legislature authorized the funding of the grant list. The Hoquiam will provide matching funds to build a covered picnic shelter.”

$64,000 for the Gable Park Lighting Project. For the first time the park will be able to host night games thanks to the Legislature’s authorization of the grant and matching funds pledged by youth baseball.

$416,000 for the West Levee. The funds will be used to complete the preliminary design of the levee, which will cover Hoquiam west of the Hoquiam River in areas not protected by the current design of the North Shore Levee, said Dickhoff. The Legislature authorized the funding through the Office of Chehalis Basin Budget.

$293,000 for a new roof for the YMCA of Grays Harbor. “This was also a project that Rep. Mike Chapman agreed to sponsor on behalf of the YMCA,” said Dickhoff.

Other items covered in the 2019-21 capital budget — Substitute House Bill 1102, passed by the Senate on Sunday and awaiting the governor’s signature — include:

$3,120,000 for the Coastal Community Action Program.

$323,000 for the Chehalis River Bridge pedestrian safety lighting, Phase 2.

$500,000 for the Gateway Center in Aberdeen.

$250,000 for a pavilion at Lake Sylvia State Park in Montesano.

$180,000 for a Port of Willapa Harbor dredging support boat.

$349,000 for the Seaport Landing in Aberdeen. Also a remedial action grant of $1.8 million for the Grays Harbor Historical Seaport Authority seaport landing.

$500,000 to help develop the Morck Hotel in Aberdeen.

More than $1.75 million for facility, roof and site repairs and minor works preservation and programs at Grays Harbor College.

$1 million for a field maintenance shop addition in Montesano.

$517,000 for Oakville School District kitchen renovation.

$210,000 for a roof at the Pacific County Fairgrounds.

$575,000 for the Boys and Girls Club of the Olympic Peninsula.

$360,000 for Lake Quinault School District early learning facilities.

$140,000 for the High Dune Trail and Conservation project.

$155,000 to protect the Ocean Shores sewer plant from erosion.

$500,000 for a vertical tsunami evacuation tower in Ocean Shores.