Public records: Montesano Police Log, Sept. 15

Log of police calls provided to The Vidette

Aug. 19

Missing person. 1100 block Sylvia Lake Road. 2:11 p.m. Hiker calling to advise they are lost in city forest. Officer located three subjects on A-1600 line and returned them to Lake Sylvia State Park.

Citizen dispute. First block Poplar Road. 5:46 p.m. Reporting party was assaulted by male subject at his trailer. Both parties agreed to stay away from each other. Reporting party didn’t want to press charges.

Aug. 20

Littering/pollution problem. 200 E. Pioneer Ave. 7:17 p.m. Male subject dumped a load of items outside Goodwill trailer. Is posted “no dumping” with sign. Officer spoke to subject who dropped items off at Goodwill trailer. Reporting party works for Goodwill and was concerned subject was dumping trash. Items can not be left when the trailer is not open. Posted sign should read “No donations after hours.” Officer explained concerns to male subject who said he would go back in the morning to donate items properly.

Aug. 23

Traffic stop. 100 block N. Main St. 11:23 a.m. Officer stopped driver for texting while driving. Verbal warning given.

Citizen assist. 400 block E. Broadway Ave. 5:03 p.m. Reporting party of Olympia currently is tracking stolen phone in Montesano. Phone GPS was at Catholic church. The phone was apparently turned off after initial location was received. Officer unable to locate.

Aug. 24

Malicious mischief. City forest. 11 a.m. Officer advised of items spray painted in city forest. Extra patrols requested.

Agency assist. Westbound Highway 12 at Main Street. 3:02 p.m. Motorcyclist down at location. Officer contacted driver who said he was dehydrated and needed to rest. No medical issues or collision.

Extra patrols. 200 W. Pioneer Ave. 4:43 p.m. Business owner requested extra patrols after finding that someone attempted entry to the location overnight.

Aug. 25

Subject stop. Pacific Pride in Montesano. 2:25 a.m. Female subject requested ride to Aberdeen. She stated her boyfriend left her in Montesano and she didn’t have any way of getting there. Officer drove her to the Jack in the Box and explained the mission was across the street.

Aug. 26

Code enforcement. 400 block W. Simpson. 2:46 p.m. Reproting party came to police station lobby to complain about garage sale sign placed on stop signs in town. Officer found sale signs and contacted residence to request that the signs be removed.

Aug. 28

Extra patrols. 500 block Medcalf St. 11:25 p.m. Female resident has history of domestic violence issues with a male subject. Reporting party and friends put new locks on female resident’s door, but they are concerned because male subject has habit of showing up between 2 a.m. and 4 a.m. and he tries to get in. Extra patrols requested.

Aug. 29

Littering/pollution problem. Park and Ride. 7:36 a.m. Illegal dumping complaint. Officer found dump site and notified city crew to come to location and clean up the site.

Aug. 31

Animal problem. 200 block N. 3rd St. 5:33 p.m. Chickens from neighbor’s two houses north of reporting party are in her yard, defecating and roaming free. Officer contacted chicken owner who advised they would fix the coop.