Train passengers feared robbery after gunshot, 100 years ago

  • Thu Jun 27th, 2019 1:30am
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125 years ago

June 29, 1894

The Presbyterian church (in Cosmopolis) was crowded Wednesday evening, to witness the double wedding of Mr. Frank Morgan and Miss Ida Berdine, and Mr. G.F. Karshner and Miss Edith Bissell. More beautiful brides of handsomer bridegrooms it would have been hard to find. They have every advantage of beauty, health and strength. The brides were dressed alike, both wearing handsome white cashmere dresses trimmed in white lace, with long white veils fastened on their hair with orange blossoms, and carrying bouquets of cream tea roses. The best wishes of many friends are with them in their new life.

100 years ago

June 27, 1919

Some of the passengers of last Sunday’s afternoon westbound train were somewhat wild-eyed when they arrived to town, for, as the train was coming down, just northeast of Elma, a shot was fired at them. Visions of bold, bad men flooded their minds or thoughts of losing their valuables. But instead of either the desperado or wild man, the authorities upon investigation found that several small boys had been having a target practice and it made for the train.


W.H. Abel informs The Vidette that the elevated walk to the river front is still unsafe at a place just beyond where Fehler and Brown had their fall which resulted in injuries and a damage suit against the city. He says that the walk shakes and trembles when one passes over it.

75 years ago

June 29, 1944

Employees of Simpson Logging company raised enough money to purchase a $75,000 P47 Thunderbolt fighter plane during the fourth War Loan drive.

The plane, named the Simpson High Climber, is a high altitude fighter carrying six 50-caliber machine guns. It is the largest and heaviest fighter plane and is powered with a 2,000 h.p. air-cooled engine.

To create additional interest in the fifth War Loan drive, the Simpson Logging company is giving a $500 Series E war bond to the employee guessing nearest to the time of the cessation of hostilities with Germany. This contest was open to all employees of the company and associated companies, such as Olympic Plywood, that purchased an extra $100 bond during the current war loan drive.


W.J. Morris, manager of the Montesano J.C. Penney store, is this week featuring in the store windows, pictures of Montesano boys who are in the service.

There are 155 pictures on display and, as Morris expressed it, “those 155 pictures in the windows are 155 good reasons why Montesano must go over the top duing this fifth War Bond drive.”

50 years ago

June 26, 1969

Between 5,000 and 7,000 persons lined the streets of Montesano last Saturday to watch over 50 entries pass in review, as the third annual Farm Festival with Mr. and Mrs. F.I. Whitney as Grand Marshall, got underway.

Walking off with top honors in the commercial division was Simpson Timber Company’s float, followed closely by the Pickrite Darigold Bandwagon.

After the parade, the 724th Air Force Band from McChord Air Force Base held a half-hour concert at Fleet Park for a large, enthusiastic audience.

Montesano’s annual celebration was founded 13 years ago, at which time it was called Dairy Day. Three years ago, the name was changed to the present Farm Festival in order to honor not only the dairy farmers but the tree farmers as well.


Hermann Logging’s Babe Ruth nine added to their win column last Thursday by coming from behind in a thriller to win 4-2 against Failors.

After the first two batters were retired in the sixth (and the score being 2-0 in Failors favor) Phil Papac started the rally with a single. Rob Haney, Mark Pavlov and Les Davidson were walked, forcing in one run. John Ruiz followed with a two-run single to open up the game. Rick Banning followed with another single to salt away the four-run inning and the victory.

25 years ago

June 30, 1994

In its final water outlook for the season, the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Soil Conservation Service (SCS) forecasts below to much below normal summer streamflow for Washington state’s river basins.

“How critical the situation is depends on how the water is used,” said Scott H. Patte, Hydrologic technician for the SCS. “For example, if a river is used for power generation or irrigation, the low streamflow could be serious.” The situation would not be considered critical if demand for the river’s water is also low.


A good jolt of reality is sometimes what it takes to shape up kids starting to veer off society’s straight and narrow course.

That is the opinion of Gordon L. Godfrey, superior court judge for juvenile division in Grays Harbor County — and it seems to be working.

Godfrey is trying some innovative methods of sentencing with the juveniles he presides over in court. Reading assigned books and turning in book reports, becoming active members of the Timberland Library system, attending school regularly and bringing their grade point level up to a 2.5, being respectful to their teachers and parents, following household rules and regulations, obeying curfew — these are all examples of sentences frequently imposed in juvenile court these days.

10 years ago

June 25, 2009

Influenza A has been reported as circulating on the Harbor in recent weeks to the Grays Harbor County Public Health and Social Services Department. The reports state that the flu has been reported in school-age children and young adults. The department reports that Influenza A includes both the typical seasonal flu and the swine flu, though only one case of the swine flu has been confirmed on the Harbor.


The Grays Harbor Task Force on Substance Abuse and Mental Health released a report recommending that the County Commissioners vote to implement a one-tenth of one percent retail sales tax.

If the retail sales tax is implement, the total tax is equal to one penny out of a taxable $10 purchase.

The money collected from the proposed tax increase would equal between $750,000 and $1 million during the first year it’s active.

The income would be used in treating and improving mental illness and substance abuse programs.


A fully loaded log truck carrying pulp logs for the City of Montesano rolled over blocking both roadway directs on state Route 108. The crash took place three miles east of McCleary and Mason County, near Skookum Creek Bridge.

The only person involved in the accident was the driver, who was not seriously injured, according to the Washington State Patrol.

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