Secret society’s secrets slip during slumber

  • Thu Aug 15th, 2019 1:30am
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125 years ago

Aug. 17, 1894

One of the boys who was initiated into a secret order in this town a few evenings since became so impressed with his experience that he could not banish it from his mind. He dreamed about it afterward, and so vividly did the picture present itself to him that he dreamed aloud, awaking his wife. Just how much of the secret work she obtained is not known, but it is said she learned the cry of distress, and awoke the dreamer before he made known the answer.


Editor Watson, and J.R. O’Donnell attended the lodge of Woodmen here Tuesday night, and saw some of the boys get their muscles hardened up before beginning to chop their winter’s wood.


The Wilson-Bacon-Agnew party returned last night from their trip up the Wynooche. They went as far as the canyon, and had a fine trip. They claim to have caught a large number of fish, but did not return with any.


The families of L. Landon and G.S. Kendall went to Westport yesterday to camp for a while, and Mrs. J.A. Pike went this morning.


The people have quit asking who are candidates. They have changed the form of inquiry and now want to know who are not candidates. The latter question is more easily answered.


Herry Coombs, who assisted Mr. Merriwether in his photograph gallery here, returned to Montesano yesterday, and we understand that he will remain here and reopen the gallery.


Ninmire & Morgan are building a slaughter house on the Geissler farm west of town, which they purchased some time since.

100 years ago

Aug. 8, 1919

Charles DeBruler arrived last Thursday in Montesano after serving nearly two years in France with the American expeditionary forces.


The South Side Lumber Company, a new organization, has bought a site and will begin building a 50,000 capacity lumber mill at South Montesano at once.

The name of the company is yet tentative, as the corporation papers are just being filed. George Elfbrant, who has resigned his position in the post office, is to be president and treasurer; Jake Kari, for years foreman for the Bishop Lumber Company and later a farmer, is secretary.


F. & R. Germeaux, brothers, are opening a variety store in Montesano this week, as is told elsewhere in the advertising. They have rented the building on upper Main Street formerly occupied by Cash Grocery and have fixed it up to make it look real attractive.


Mrs. Thomas Connor, Miss Mona Connor, Miss Jessie Jones, Miss Marth Gleeson and Leonard Preston went to Pacific Beach Saturday for a two weeks’ outing.


Mrs. Earl Foss spent Saturday night and Sunday in Elma visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Shelby.


Mrs. J.L. Medcalf and son, Mr. Belle Moak and son, John, and Mrs. Ben Crane and baby were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Cleve Hildebrand on an auto trip to Hoods Canal last Sunday.


The business men’s baseball game, which will be played next Thursday, will decide a lot of things. The best talent in town will be on the field and a great game is bound to be the result. Such men as Gaston Moch, L.M. Vessey, Tom Connor and Sol Foss will be the stars of the day, and as everyone knows, nothing can beat them even in the big league.

75 years ago

Aug. 17, 1944

“Send me five pounds birdseed. I’m not crazy.”

That was the rather startling request an American Red Cross club director, recently returned to this country from the Middle East, received from his daughter, an American Red Cross worker in England. An old man, she later wrote, had appealed to the Red Cross for food for his aged and invalid wife’s pet lovebirds. When the birdseed arrived others heard of it and six more couples turned up with similar requests.

“So, Dad,” she wrote, “please send me 20 pounds more of the birdseed.”

50 years ago

Aug. 14, 1969

The Western Forestry Center this week received $119,045.13 to establish a permanent memorial to the lumber industry in the Douglas fir region in the coastal areas of Washington and Oregon.

The funds were transferred to the Western Forestry Center from the West Coast Lumbermen’s Association on the fifth anniversary of the date WCLA members joined with Western Pine Association members in Western Wood Products Association.

Presentation of the check was made to John Forrest, executive director of the Forestry Center, by G. Cleveland Edgett, executive vice president of WCLA now vice president of marketing of WWPA. Edgett noted that the funds would establish a memorial which will tell a continuing educational story of the lumber industry in the coastal region of the Pacific Northwest. It will include an operating model of a huge head rig, one of the most fascinating operations in a sawmill where a log first begins to be turned into lumber.