Port officials spent $15,000 on adult entertainment, 25 years ago

Pages of the Past for March 21, 2019

125 years ago

March 23, 1894

This week the Slade Lumber Co. ordered another planer for their planing mill. Despite the hard times, this company now has one of the busiest and best mills on the coast, taking away much of the trade of the sound mills.


Most of the boys at the basket factory went on a strike this week when they were notified their wages were lowered a little, but to their surprise and dissatisfaction the manager, G.H. Carlson, would not listen to any kind of a compromise but told them to go. This will be quite a lesson for the boys for when they investigate a little they will find out that there are two men for every job nowadays and they had better hang on to a job at small wages than get nothing.


Robert Gibson came to town from Vesta last Friday, and reports that they now have a continuous wagon road from here to Willapa, Pacific County.


The dance given last Saturday evening by the Montesano baseball club was quite a success, although the severe weather kept many from attending. Eighteen couples were in attendance from Hoquiam and Cosmopolis, coming up on the Josie Burrows, and this number would have been largely increased had the storm not been so severe. The music furnished by Gamago, assisted by Montesano musicians, was delightful. An excellent supper was served, to which the club are largely indebted to the citizens of Montesano. About 20 dollars was cleared, which will be used in improving the grounds.

100 years ago

March 21, 1919

Mrs. C.H. Clemons was quite ill last week with tonsillitis.


Fred Rowe is the name of the new eighth grade pupil in Mrs. Waugama’s room at No. 107.


Don Willlis, who is again back at his old place in Glenn’s Pharmacy after a year or more in Uncle Sam’s service, is talking band. Why not?

Even a small band would be a fine thing to help welcome other returning soldiers.


The report as to the health of Mrs. Monseer is not as good as hoped for.

75 years ago

March 23, 1944

Nicholas Mariettakis of McCleary, who has been taking lessons in Americanization subject from Mrs. James Arland since Dec. 1943, was admitted to citizenship March 8.

Mrs. Arland has helped about 70 aliens in their studies to become American citizens and she states that she is always glad to assist anyone who comes to her home for instruction.

50 years ago

March 20, 1969

Charles Caldwell, manager of the Montesano branch, Capital Savings & Loan Association, was elected last week assistant vice-president of the association by the board of directors.

A life-long resident of Grays Harbor County, Caldwell has been in charge of the Montesano branch for two years. He was previously chief residential appraiser for Grays Harbor County.


Brownie Troop 359 is a large troop whose members meet Thursday afternoons at the Central Park Community Methodist Church.

Leaders are Mrs. Tom James and Mrs. Lloyd Mashore with Mrs. Willard Antilla assisting.

Recently the girls, who are second-graders, made plaques of the Brownie promise, using alphabet letters glued on paper plates, then sprayed gold. During the snowy weather they took a walk and returned to use cotton, chalk and blue paper to express their impressions of what they had seen.


Montesano’s Pick-Rite Thriftway is adverting chuck steaks for 49¢ a pound; bananas for 10¢ a pound; Centennial flour for 79¢ a pound and old-fashioned buttermilk bread — 3 loaves for 87¢.

25 years ago

March 24, 1994

The very pilings that form the foundation of the Port of Grays Harbor were shaken considerably last week with the revelation that one of its top marketing personnel had apparently spent some $15,630 in liquor charges and “topless table dancing” in two New Orleans clubs while on a business trip last August, and then charged them on an American Express credit card issued to the Port.

Mike McKinney, senior marketing manager, who has been with the Port since 1989 and maintains his office in Seattle, allegedly spent the money at the Silver Frolics Club, for liquor and some “69 sets of table dances” while he as vising the club with some New Orleans businessmen.

10 years ago

March 19, 2009

If You Ask Me, question of the week: “What public services would you be willing to give up to save money?”

Jerry Felton, Montesano: “Can’t cut the street department, can’t cut the fire department.

“The Police Department maybe. But I’m all for keeping things the way they are as long as we can.”

Sally Mulder, McCleary, marketing director for the Emergency Medical Training Association: “There’s nothing here to cut in McCleary … There’s nothing and certainly not the library.”

Chris Church, Montesano: “I’m willing to pay higher taxes to keep things the way they are. Any more cuts would be detrimental to what we already have.”

Rob Jhanson, Elma, chemical operator: “I would rather not see cuts, but bringing in more revenue by taxes or whatever means needed.”


With the Evergreen Conference co-MVPs leading the way, Elma won three and lost one, which earned them fourth place at the 2008-09 girls basketball Class 2A State Championship Tournament at Yakima’s SunDome on Saturday, March 14.

Combining for 114 points of the Eagles’ 208 total points in the tourney, Elma juniors Katie Colard and Brandi Thomas helped the team improve on a 2-2 sixth place finish in 2007-08.

“(Colard and Thomas) bring so much to this team,” Elma coach Lisa Johnson said.

“They bring a huge balance for an inside-out game which makes us harder to defend. If Brandi is getting double or triple-teamed, she goes to work on the boards and on the defensive end of the court.

“Teams will put so much focus on Katie that it gives more open looks to her teammates.

“Outside of the offensive threat they combine for, they also provide a lot of leadership on the floor.”

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