Officials asked Monte residents to limit travel, 75 years ago this week

  • Thu Dec 12th, 2019 12:51pm
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125 years ago

Dec. 14, 1894

Cosmopolis has organized an athletic club which will be a benefit to the young men of the town.


W.A. Chochran of Ocosta is keeping bachelor’s hall. We have a quite tip that he takes his meals at the restaurant.


Miss Amanda Quimby, who was visiting with her parents over Sunday returned Monday to her school near Elma.


Quite a crowd of Aberdeenites were in the city Tuesday, on matters connected with the Aberdeen Bank case.


Abe Boyer, the well-known Porterite, was in town the first of the week.


Eggs are thirty cents a dozen.


This is a time when the sneak thief is laying in his supply of fruit, vegetables and chickens for the balance of the winter.


We are requested to state that if the young man who took the umbrella that did not belong to him, from the Methodist church last night, will bring it back this evening, he will save himself much trouble.


A gentleman, speaking of a lady in Montesano, and desiring to be complimentary, referred to her “equine” nose, doubtless meaning to say “aquiline.” It was a horse on him.


Mrs. E.J. Fifield, M.D., state president of WCTU, is visiting the unions of Chehalis Co. at the present time. Will reach Montesano and give a lecture this evening at 7:30 o’clock at the Presbyterian church.

100 years ago

Dec. 5, 1919

G.C. Hildebrand, who has been manager of the condensery here for the past few years, has sold his residence to Mrs. William Geissler.


Miss Esther Knudsen spent the Thanksgiving holiday in Everett, returning Sunday night.


Jasper Gibson of Centralia was in Montesano last week visiting with his son, Elmer Gibson, and family.


Burton F. Scott, principal of the local high school, returned Sunday night from a visit to Seattle.


Mrs. J.H. Fitz returned Thursday from Seattle where she had been this week with her little daughter, Patsy, having the child’s tonsils removed.


Mrs. J.A. Ball is entertaining at her home her sister, Mrs. E.J. Walter, and Mr. Walter. Mr. and Mrs. Walter are from Trenton, Nebraska, where Mr. Walter is a dealer in lumber and coal.


Mrs. Joseph C. Cheney, who has been teaching school at South Montesano, spent the Thanksgiving holidays with her parents in Ellensburg.


Miss Minnie Burrows of Portland visited over Thanksgiving with Mrs. Ernest Roberts.


R.E. Hasbrook, who has lived in the northeast part of Montesano, is moving onto a ranch near Porter this week.


If we find oil on Charley Arland’s ranch we want it distinctly understood that he’s not to be around with a petition for at least one solid month.

75 years ago

Dec. 14, 1944

“… And Diogenes, Greek philosopher, searched with a lantern for an honest man … .”

It is too bad that Diogenes is not alive today. For surely Montesano has a man who would pass all the requirements of honesty as Diogenes portrayed them.

Willard Stephens, local employee of the Soil Conservation district, last Monday morning started for the bank to purchase $250.00 in war bonds. When he arrived at the bank he found he had lost his billfold with the $250.00 and some very valuable papers. Now in these days when one loses 250 smackers on the street one can just about say “good bye!” to the bank roll.

However, there was an exception in case this time. Roy Rogers, local barber, found the billfold with the money intact on the street and returned it to Stephen. Yes, Diogenes, there are honest people in this world, and Montesano is proud to say Roy Rogers is one of them!


Do not travel over the holidays is the plea made to Montesano civilians so that many thousands of service people bring furloughed home for Christmas may receive transportation.


A cantata, “On Wings of Angel Song,” will be presented by the choir of the Methodist church on Sunday evening, December 17, at eight o’clock. This story in song, by Ira B. Wilson, using Mendelssohn’s “On Wings of Song” as its theme, brings the message of Christmas in a melodious style.

The program, with choruses, solos and instrumental numbers, includes:

Cello solos, Percy Parker; candlelight processional, choir; “A Song Comes Winging,” Mrs. Don Fullmer and choir; “Up from Galilee,” choir; “In Bethlehem’s Manger,” choir; “Shepherds Were Abiding in the Field,” choir; “The Angel of the Joy,” Mr. Harold Smith and choir; “Ave Maria,” violin solo, Mr. Gordon Edlund; “Unto You is Born a Savior,” Mr. Harold Smith; “This Shall Be a Sign,” Mr. Don Fullmer and choir; “Glory to God in the Highest,” choir; “Peace on Earth,” choir; “On Wings of Christmas Song,” Mr. Harold Smith and choir.

Accompanying the voices will be Mrs. Percy Parker at the (piano) and Mr. V.I. Whitney at the organ.

The public is cordially invited to attend this service and to enjoy the Christmas story in music.

50 years ago

Dec. 11, 1969

Pledging to encourage prosecution of anyone caught rustling cattle, cattlemen from three counties met last week in Montesano and discussed ways to halt cattle rustlers.

Grays Harbor Cattlemen’s Association, with members from Pacific and Mason counties also attending, voted to back local sheriff and game enforcement departments in helping curb the upswing in rustling, poaching and illegal slaughter of cattle and game in the Harbor area.

Cattlemen attending recounted at least eight head of cattle known killed or rustled since this spring. Recently, Don Schmidt reported the loss of a beef up the Wynooche Valley. Last week Harold Mouncer lost one of his best heifers, an animal weighing over 1,000 pounds. Only the head and entrails were left at the farm.

It was reported that a cow and calf were shot in the Oakville area in November. The calf was not yet dead when found and the cow had at least seven 22 cal. rifle bullets in her head.

Ways to help apprehend livestock rustlers and game poachers were discussed. Don Bennett, president of Grays Harbor Cattlemen’s Association, said, “Usually the same type person that will poach game is likely to steal cattle.” State Game Department data indicates that this year’s deer and elk kill fell far short of 1968 and that there will probably be more efforts made at obtaining illegal meat this winter than in recent years.


Good old ‘Saint Nick’ will arrive in Montesano on Saturday, December 20, at 1:30 p.m. That was the official word received this week from his headquarters at the North Pole.

According to the local VFW and volunteer fire department, the organizations responsible for the transportation of Santa Claus, “He will arrive in town aboard a fire truck at 1:30 p.m., and go directly to the shopping center where he will talk to as many children as possible before going to his next appointment.”

Saint Nick’s itinerary for the next several days following his arrival, and before he makes his annual journey down the chimneys, has been kept pretty much of a secret, but it is anticipated that he will be seen many times at various stores throughout the area.