Restaurant Inspections: September 2017

Local restaurant inspection scores

Grays Harbor County’s Environmental Health Division lists restaurants and other food-handling establishments that received red and/or blue points, as well as those that didn’t receive any points.

Red points are for food-handling practices that, when not done properly, are most likely to lead to food-borne illness. Blue points are primarily for maintenance and sanitation issues that are not likely to result in food-borne illness. A facility found with 20 or more red points is subject to a follow-up inspection. Blue violations should be corrected immediately when possible, but generally do not impose an immediate risk to the public.

September 2017


Aberdeen Grocery Outlet: 0

Anabel’s Fresh Produce: 0

Bi-Mart #684: 0

Coffee Corner Espresso: 0

Coffeeman at Rainer Lanes: 3 blue

Consistent Cups Espresso: 5 blue

Duffy’s #1: 45 red, 8 blue.

GH Wine Sellars LLC: 0

Happy Teriyaki #15: 0

Honey Teriyaki, 60 red: 3 blue

La Fonda: 0

La Salvadorena: 0

Las Cabanas Salvadorean Cuisine (complaint): 0

Market Place Inc.: 0

McDonald’s – Aberdeen: 5 red

Rick’s Saloon: 0

Scoops Ice Cream & Coffee: 15 red, 21 blue

Scoops Ice Cream & Coffee: 5 red, 10 blue

Taco Bell #31333: 0

Thai Smiles: 10 red, 5 blue


Maxi Mini Mart: 20 red

East County

Coffee Coop: 10 red

Elma Farm Stand/Public Market: 5 blue

Elma Lanes: 18 blue

Gordon’s Select Market: 5 red

Shu Jack’s Bar & Grill: 0

Subway – McCleary: 0

The Coffee Shop: 10 red


Cappy Ricks Black Pearl Tavern: 0


Moclips Country Store: 15 red, 5 blue


Beehive Restaurant: 25 red, 7 blue

Charlie’s Sports Bar: 0

Monte Community Center: 0

Monte Square Enterprises: 0

Montesano Quick Stop: 0

Organics 101 Market: 5 red

The Fishin Hole: 10 red

Wynooche Meats & Deli: 0

Ocean City

Sunrise Market: 0

Ocean Shores

4 Any Occasion: 5 red

Bubble Beach: 0

Sea Breeze BBQ: 0

Senior Center-North Beach (complaint): 0

Shore Shack (complaint): 5 blue


Sublime Juice Bar Inc.: 70 red

South Aberdeen

7-Eleven 22417C (South Side): 25 red

Blue Beacon Rest & Lnge: 25 red

South County

Hart’s Mutineer Cafe (complaint): 35 red, 18 blue


Scoops Ice Cream and Coffee: 12 blue

Scoops Ice Cream and Coffee: 15 red, 13 blue

Westport Shop’N Kart Deli (complaint): 0.