Massage and fitness meet at Rachal’s Place in McCleary

The Vidette

Since October 2015, Rachal’s Place LLC has been providing the McCleary community with the benefits of massage and fitness.

“Frustrated with handing my patients handfuls of pills and scheduling them for surgeries, I decided to obtain my massage license,” owner Rachal Gustafson told The Vidette.

Gustafson is a registered nurse and now also holds a professional license as a massage therapist.

At Rachal’s Place LLC, Gustafson has combined massage and fitness to maximize their benefits.

According to Gustafson, massage is recognized as a therapeutic treatment that has the potential to decrease medication compliance, lower stress and blood pressure, decrease insulin resistance, increase circulation, induce relaxation, increase peristalsis among other benefits not listed.

“We all know that we should be physically fit and active, but who has the time to drive long distances and climb on machines we really don’t understand how to use,” Gustafson said.

The company offers yoga, cardio hip hop and interval training classes.

Additional classes (including HOT and Arial yoga) are being planned.

Rachal’s Place offers both small class sizes and one-on-one instructions.

“Our goal is to provide fun classes in a small space where all fitness levels are welcome,” Gustafson said.

Rachal’s Place LLC Massage is at 125 S. 3rd St. in McCleary. They also offer infrared sauna sessions. Next door at 127 S. 3rd St. is Rachal’s Place LLC fitness space. Rachal’s Place LLC is open 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.

For more information or to become an instructor call (360) 870-3803.