Business news in brief

GGHI at Sea-Tac; Sheriff’s Office investigating impersonation; financial fair coming

GGH launches “Discover Grays Harbor” brand with new display at Sea-Tac

“Discover Grays Harbor” is a message that will be greeting thousands of domestic and international tourists as they travel through Sea-Tac International Airport Concourse B this summer. Greater Grays Harbor, Inc. recently secured the prime advertising space in SeaTac through the Port of Seattle “Spotlight” Advertising Program.

“Greater Grays Harbor is excited to promote our exceptional dining, lodging and retail establishments, especially within the ninth largest airport in the country,” said GGHI CEO Dru Garson. “Nearly 47 million passengers transited through Sea-Tac airport last year and the prospect of having millions of potential visitors view our advertisement for is truly an amazing opportunity for the entire county.”

The Port of Seattle Spotlight program is a competitive process that provides successful applicants with no-cost advertising at Sea-Tac airport. Typically, advertising at Sea-Tac airport costs between $5,000 to $10,000 per month.

GGHI will be using the display space to highlight its newly created “Discover Grays Harbor” brand. The website is designed to promote area businesses, present a multitude of options, and encourage visitors and business travelers to spend more time and money during their visit.

Located at Concourse B, the Discover Grays Harbor signage will be visible to visitors flying airlines such as Southwest, Delta and Frontier. The signage will be on display from July through September.

Scammer targeting GH businesses

The Grays Harbor Sheriff’s Office has opened a criminal impersonation investigation after receiving reports from several businesses in Grays Harbor County about a scammer.

The businesses reported they were contacted by a male subject identifying himself as a member of the Grays Harbor County Sheriff’s Office.

The male has made various false statements. One time he asked the businesses to come to the Sheriff’s Office to pick up a federal subpoena as they were being investigated for a crime. Another time he asked for a fine to be paid in cash at the Sheriff’s Office.

If you receive a call from a person claiming to be from the Sheriff’s Office and it does not seem reasonable or to confirm you are speaking to someone from the Sheriff’s Office call the Sheriff’s Office during business hours at (360) 249-3711 or the non-emergency dispatch number after hours at (360) 533-8765.

OCCU annual financial fair at EHS March 15

Our Community Credit Union will host its second annual Financial Reality Fair for students at Elma High School on March 15.

The Financial Reality Fair will provide students with a hands-on opportunity to test living within a budget. Each student will be assigned a career and salary, deduct things like taxes, and then are tasked with budgeting their money wisely by making real life decision.

At the end of the experience, students will have learned what it takes to make ends meet from month to month, and they will have a better appreciation of the importance of budgeting, financial planning and making wise purchasing choices.

OCCU is $360 million in assets, has over 30,000 members and operates eight branches located throughout Mason, Grays Harbor, Thurston and King Counties.