LETTER: Stoplight is county issue

Montesano citizen finds lack of concern disturbing

Stoplight is county issue

Dear Editor:

I may be all wrong, but it seems to me that any issue that affects the citizens of Grays Harbor County is an issue for our county commissioners to be concerned with.

The apparent lack of concern, especially by Commissioner Wes Cormier, is disturbing. It’s also disturbing that private individuals or companies can influence and pay for changes to roads (state roads) going through our county. As was pointed out in the most recent article, the lack of transparency regarding the placement of the stop light should be a concern for all of us.

I read about Commissioner Raines’ concerns, but saw nothing about our newest Commissioner, Randy Ross. It would be nice to hear his point of view as well.

My other concern is that your previous article pointed out that the light would only be triggered by traffic entering from Clemons Road, both north and south, but there was no mention of truck traffic coming from the west and having to cross eastbound traffic also triggering the light. I would think this could be a major problem, especially if traffic coming up the hill have their vision impaired due to the setting sun at that location.

There needs to be more input on this issue before the light is installed.

Doug Simons