LETTER: Stingy bigot

Elma citizen concerned about Ross’s remarks

Stingy bigot

Dear Editor:

This letter is in response to Randy Ross’s insensitive comment made while buying books from the Friends of the Library book sale (see the story, “Ross taking heat for remarks,” published in The Vidette on March 23, 2017).

Seriously, Randy, do you honestly expect us to believe for one moment that asking if they could “Jew down the price” was some sort of backhanded compliment because you thought Jews were smart?

One of the most unfortunate and incorrect stereotypes about Jews is that they are cheap — always looking for a bargain. It would appear to me that, in the context of a book sale, that is exactly what you meant. You were asking for a discount on the books you and your wife were buying from the Friends of the Library (FOL).

Do you not know that the book sales are the primary fundraisers for the FOL groups all over the county? Do you not know that all the proceeds from the book sales fund programs and library materials for the benefit of the library patrons? Do you not realize that the prices of the books at these sales are already rock-bottom bargains? And you still dare ask for a discount?

That makes you not only a bigot, but a stingy bigot at that. I hope you can sleep tonight.

Kate Breckon