LETTER—Speak out about rest stop

A letter to the editor

Dear Editor,

Is there anyone out there that can explain to the Montesano City Council that their role is to look out for the needs of the residents of Montesano, not to please the mayor? It appears that Mayor Vini Samuel is marching the city council down the path to approve her idiotic plan to build a Rest Stop/Roundabout in town. With the exception of maybe one or two council members, the rest appear to be marching in step. Can’t these people think for themselves, instead of being “bobbleheads” for the mayor.

On March 16 I helped organize a meeting for the general public to discuss the rest stop/roundabout project and have a chance to ask questions. The mayor was unable to attend, so Councilman Dan Wood did the honors. The attendee’s had many questions and appeared incensed when they learned that the city had already spent $13,000 on this project.

Long story short, at the end of the meeting, I asked the group to participate in a straw poll. Of the 24 people left in the room, here are the results: One voted for the project, two were undecided and the remaining were opposed. Newsflash — the citizens of Montesano don’t want this ridiculous project. They want their roads repaired and the basic services provided by most cities.

People, you need to wake up and make yourselves heard. If not, you are going to have this albatross shoved down your throats. I went to the last city council meeting to discuss the results of the public meeting and it fell on deaf ears. Most of the council wouldn’t even make eye contact, instead staring intensely at the papers in front of them as though they were looking for Waldo. I encouraged council to set up a public meeting so they could hear from their constituents, because we know the mayor isn’t about to. Mayor Samuel knows what is best for this town. Remember Wi-Fi? This was supposed to bring hoards of people into town and boost the economy. How’s that working? That was her first “build it and they will come” project.

I have done what I can and now it is up to you.

The Committee for Common Sense is currently collecting signatures from people who oppose this project and we plan to present them to city council on May 9. It would be great if a couple hundred of you would be willing to show up to show your support. You don’t have to talk, just show up and demonstrate to these elected officials that you want them to do their job. Remember, this group ran on the idea of transparency in government, so far all we’ve seen is MUD.

Show up on May 9 (6:45 p.m. at city hall) and demand that at the very least, the rest stop/roundabout project be put up to a vote of the people. This will ensure that the people’s needs are met, not our elected officials. We need your help.


Doug Iverson