LETTER: No more passes for Trump

Dear Editor:

Since the last presidential campaign, there has been a tacit acceptance of violent speech and behavior in the political realm. Those who voted for Donald Trump, please search your soul and re-evaluate what you bought into. Those who oppose Donald Trump, please refuse to sink to his level.

The time is long past to give President Trump a pass. He cannot deny he walks hand-in-hand with white supremacists. After the murder in Charlottesville by a right wing demonstrator, Trump did not call for “fire and fury” against bigotry. He did not say his administration was “locked and loaded” to fight hatred and violence. Instead he pulled a “bait and switch.” No more “lock her up!,” “build a wall!,” or “throw ‘em out!” Now he says, “Let’s come together as one.”

“Scratch and sniff” at the goods being sold to you, Trump loyalists. You folks can tell the difference from when your man is saying what’s on his mind, and when he is reading a prepared script. Which side are you on?

Robin Moore