Top 10 Best CBD Oil Hemp Tinctures by the Most Popular Brands

The world is only recently starting to find out about the benefits that CBD oil has to offer; from your physical to mental health, it can improve almost every aspect of your life. People everywhere are now resorting to CBD oil products to avail the positives that they have to offer.

With an unprecedented increase in demand, the supply of CBD oil products has also drastically increased. Thousands of different brands have flooded the market in the name of providing the best CBD products. However, only a few of these companies provide you with authentic CBD oil products, guaranteeing premium quality and results.

To save you the time and hassle of going through all products by yourself and picking the right one for you, our team of experts has spent days researching the results and working on all the top CBD oil products to provide you with a list of the best CBD oil companies in the market.

The Top 11 Best CBD Oil Products in 2022

The best CBD products live up to a certain set of expectations and produce results that you do not see with lower-tier products. To ensure only the best supplements and formulas made our list, we considered myriad factors. Below we have ranked the best CBD oil products:

  • CBDPure
  • SomaLeaf
  • CBDFx
  • XWerks
  • Charlotte’s Web
  • CBDistillery
  • Joy Organics
  • Premium Jane
  • Populum
  • JointRestore Gummies
  • Sunday Scaries


CBDPure is one of the most popular manufacturers of CBD-related products. It has established itself as one of the top brands in the CBD market because of its premium quality products that work wonders for everyone who tries it. CBDPure everything CBD-related; from CBD oils to creams to softgels, you can get the supplement of your choice that will leave you astonished with the results.

The CBDPure products use all-natural extracts and are free from any synthetic chemicals and additives, making them safe for almost everyone to take and benefit from. Furthermore, CBDPure products are organic and come with lab tests that support all the claims made by the company.

Made from hemp grown within the United States, the CBD oils and other products manufactured by CBDPure are among the best you will find anywhere today. If you want the best quality CBD products at the most affordable rates, CBDPure is the brand for you.


SomaLeaf is one of the best-established CBD brands and comes with a solid reputation for producing the best CBD products available in the market today. The approach used by SomaLeaf is different from others on this ranking; this approach is a significant reason for its effective functioning and unrivaled benefits.

The company uses turmeric with its CBD product lineup. Among the countless benefits that turmeric provides is improved absorption. Turmeric is one of the best extracts for boosting the body’s bioavailability, which is why adding it to the formula can significantly enhance the absorption of CBD and its delivery within the body. Furthermore, to ensure you get the maximum amount of CBD, SomaLeaf uses the liposomal delivery method.

The liposomal delivery method ensures safe and effective delivery of CBD; when you combine this with the improved absorption of turmeric, the SomaLeaf CBD with turmeric becomes one of the most potent CBD products available today. You also get lab tests, which certify everything in the product to ensure transparency.


CBDFx, one of the top-rated CBD brands online, is famous for its wide variety of CBD products, ranging from oils to gummies to creams and more. The CBD products provided by CBDFx are different from all others in terms of the CBD they provide. The purity of their CBD products is a class above their competitors because of the single-pass CO2 extraction used in manufacturing their CBD.

This purity and quality are something you do not find with other products; it makes it stand out for effectiveness and results. Furthermore, CBDFx produces its products after the advice of top medical professionals, including a doctor of medicine and dermatologist.

CBDFx products contain a blend of essential elements with adaptogens, including mushroom extracts, among other vital extracts. The CBDFx lineup provides added benefits like immunity support, toxin removal, and stress relief that you do not get with mainstream formulas.


XWerks produces high-potency CBD oil with positive ratings online and a remarkably high customer satisfaction rate. The manufacturer is famous for several reasons; along with making top-quality CBD oils, XWerks also produces the best CBD supplements in the market.

The oil that you get from XWerks contains one of the highest concentrations of CBD, with up to 1,000 mg of CBD in a single bottle. Along with CBD, it also includes a mix of other proven ingredients that increase the supplement’s benefits. The CBD used in the oil is extracted naturally from hemp grown within Colorado. The CBD is fully organic, meaning no chemicals, such as fertilizers or pesticides, were used to produce hemp.

The CBD oil XWerks is excellent for your overall health, from anxiety to inflammation; it works for everything. If you need a high-potency CBD oil that guarantees the best results, XWerks is the brand for you.

Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte’s Web is a company registered in Colorado; it produces some of the best quality CBD products that money can buy. Thanks to its premium quality supplements, the manufacturer has established itself as one of the finest brands. Stanley Brothers’ Charlotte’s Web uses the best possible natural hemp extract that is exclusive to their products only.

The brand also has a history of producing hemp oil to help others. Slowly but gradually, the company transformed itself into an established business that has quickly become one of the best in the market. Charlotte’s Web offers products from oils to gummies and capsules, allowing you to get the best quality CBD oil in whatever form you like.

Their products are backed by solid reviews and testimonials from customers who have completely transformed their lives by just using the CBD products offered by Charlotte’s Web. It is the brand for you if you want CBD products that guarantee the best quality.


CBDistillery is another manufacturer known for its top-tier CBD products that range from oils and capsules to skincare products. It provides all the benefits of CBD and combines them with all the benefits of several natural herbs and extracts.

By providing up to 1,000mg of CBD in each container, the Relief and Relax CBD oil by CBDistillery is one of the most effective CBD oils available today. The products that you get from CBDistillery include mushroom extracts and energy boosters combined with adaptogens and more natural ingredients to provide the user with a vast spectrum of benefits unmatched by any other in the market.

CBDistelliery also provides pet-friendly CBD products, making it the go-to option for anyone looking for a trustworthy CBD product manufacturer.

Joy Organics

Joy Organics is another brand that has established itself as one of the best quality. It has a history of producing premium CBD products that work for people of all ages. The lineup of products that Joy Organics offers ranges from oils and softgels to gummies and other products that work for both humans and pets.

Founded in 2018, Joy Organics has quickly consolidated its reputation in the CBD sphere as one of the most reliable and trustworthy manufacturers. The company was founded by Joy, who had seen her life turn around from CBD. She shared the benefits she got from CBD with the world in the form of Joy Organics.

Joy Organics allows you to enjoy the benefits of CBD in the flavor of your liking with flavors like Tropical Sunrise, Strawberries & Champagne along with Fresh Lime and other delicious flavors. If you need premium quality at an affordable price, Joy Organics is the brand for you.

Premium Jane

Premium Jane offers a lineup of CBD products that relax, refresh, and revive your overall health by providing the natural benefits of CBD with other top-quality ingredients. The CBD used by Premium Jane is grown within the United States, which is organically bred and is free from any fertilizers or pesticides.

The CBD products offered by Premium Jane come with solid customer feedback, supporting all their claims. The mix of ingredients used in the manufacture of the products increases the bioavailability of the nutrients present inside the formulas so that your body can extract the maximum benefits the lineup offers. Furthermore, more extracts like natural terpenes and flavonoids, and other phytocannabinoids make it even more effective.

Each batch of the supplements offered by Premium Jane comes with independent third-party lab tests, which further adds to the manufacturer’s reliability.


Populum is a top-tier CBD brand that guarantees clean and premium CBD. According to the manufacturer, the company is on a mission to create high-quality, ethical, and honest CBD. It is among a shortlist of products featured in Forbes, Allures, and other top magazines.

Made within the USA, the products that Populum offers are all backed by third-party tests and solid customer feedback so that you do not think twice before ordering. Another thing that makes Populum stand out among other brands is the 30-day risk-free trial; you can try the product for 30 days, and if you are not satisfied with the results, you can get a full refund – no questions asked.

The range of products offered by Populum includes the Full-Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil, Full-Spectrum Hemp CBD Capsules, and Cold Therapy Hemp Rub. The satisfaction guarantee that comes with Populum products shows the manufacturer’s trust in the product.

JointRestore Gummies

JointRestore Gummies, manufactured by Prosper Wellness, takes an approach different from all others on our list. It combines CBD with Boswellia Serrata extract to maximize a single CBD supplement’s benefits. It is the perfect supplement for all joint-related problems, from arthritis to damaged cartilages, it corrects everything,

CBD and Boswellia combine to reduce joint and increase mobility; you will be able to undertake activities that were too painful to perform before using JointRestore. The supplement also improves joint flexibility and increases the range of motion of your joints.

The JointRestore Gummies is the sole CBD product offered by Prosper Wellness. Nevertheless, the benefits it guarantees to make it more than enough for people looking for a top-quality pain-relieving CBD supplement.

Sunday Scaries

Sunday Scaries is a hip CBD company that combines brilliant marketing with super effective results. It makes the most out of social media marketing to make it known that the Sunday Scaries products are among the top CBD products you can find anywhere.

Along with other benefits, it is a super-effective mental health booster that works to improve your mental health and help you overcome anxiety and stress better than ever. It is also an excellent remedy for people looking to minimize their nervous breakdowns.

From vegan CBD gummies to CBD candy, everything is available at the Sunday Scaries website. Among the most popular and top-selling products are the Side Piece Bundle, CBD Gummies, and CBD Oil, all of which provide you with an optimum dose of CBD combined with essential ingredients to improve your overall well-being, both mental and physical.

How Were The Best CBD Oil Products Ranked:

Ranking the best CBD oil manufacturers can be an arduous task, given the number of CBD companies surfaced in the market. We had to consider myriad factors to make a foolproof list that only had authentic and top-quality CBD oil companies. Everything was considered, from quality to results to value for money offered by each manufacturer, to ensure all the companies ranked on our list were among the best.

Quality of the Product

The quality offered by the products was the first and most important metric in our ranking. Quality defines how good the product is; the results and overall working, along with several other factors, depend solely on the quality of the product you use. We made sure the companies that produced the best quality CBD products made the cut over the companies with low-quality substandard products. All manufacturers on our list guarantee the most premium quality and stand out among others.

Results Produced

After using any product after a certain period, the results can also tell a lot about the product. Some products produce instant results and visible differences within a few weeks, while others take years and do not produce any significant change. All the manufacturers listed on our ranking give results within weeks. The companies on our list have results unlike any other, from joint pain to skincare and other health aspects.

Value for Money

Some CBD oil companies charge a few dollars for their products, while others charge hundreds of dollars for the same category of products. We paid extra attention to the price tag that each supplement came with and ensured that only the manufacturers that priced their products correctly made the cut. All the products and companies we have mentioned live up to their price tag and offer great value for money.

Third-Party Testing

Transparency plays a huge role in ranking the best CBD oil companies. Many companies claim to use ingredients that they do not use, while others claim to produce chemical-free products but do not. Third-party testing adds extra validation to the product and certifies the claims made by the manufacturer. To ensure the customers knew what they were getting, we preferred companies that backed their products with third-party testing.

Ingredients Used

CBD in itself contains countless benefits for the body; however, by adding the correct type of ingredients, these benefits can be maximized and combined with several other benefits. The mix of ingredients that came with each CBD product was of monumental importance in our rankings. All the products and companies mentioned here use unique elements to increase the bioavailability of CBD and provide maximum benefits to the user.

Organic Certification

The organic certification of each of the companies on our list was of the utmost importance. We ensured the manufacturers ranked by us used the most organic and natural form of CBD available today. The certified organic brands were given extra marks and were ranked over those that did not come with organic certification.


The dose of CBD used in the product can significantly affect its work. A quantity too small will not produce the results one wants, whereas a dose too high can have some undesirable effects; we made sure the products on our list contained the optimum amount of CBD that complemented the task they performed.

Truthful Marketing

There are thousands of CBD oil companies in the market today; many of them make inflated claims about the benefits they provide and the results they produce but never live up to their promises. We paid extra attention to the benefits marketed by CBD oil companies. Our team went with the truthful ones in their marketing and did not promise results they could not produce.

Taste and Flavor

Many people do not prefer the raw taste of CBD products; instead, they choose different flavors. We considered the product’s flavor in our ranking. We wanted to make sure the products on our list could be used by everyone regardless of their flavor preference. Most of the companies on our ranking offer flavor choices and allow the user to pick from a list of different flavors.

Customer Reviews

Nothing can tell you more about a product than the real-life reviews from customers who have tried it in real-time. The customer reviews of each product were given significant attention; the manufacturers whose products were backed by solid reviews were given preference over those with negative reviews.

Moneyback Guarantee

The CBD oil companies that backed their ingredients with a moneyback guarantee and solid refund policy were preferred over those with no satisfaction guarantee.

Benefits of CBD Oil

CBD oil is full of benefits for your overall health; it can improve nearly every aspect of your everyday life. CBD oil can completely change how you live your daily life, from physical health to mental health. The most common benefits of CBD oil are explained below:

  • Helps overcome anxiety
  • Helps overcome depression
  • Reduces joint pain
  • Reduces inflammation within the body
  • Natural painkiller
  • Prevents seizures
  • Helps sleep better
  • Helps relax muscles

And many more

Scientific Evidence Backing CBD Oil

Loads of scientific evidence back the use of CBD oil. Hundreds of studies have been conducted to see how CBD can affect different aspects of your health. The benefits you get from cannabidiol have been observed scientifically and backed by trials that prove its working and benefits.

One of the most common uses of CBD is anxiety treatment. Numerous studies have found that the correct dosage of cannabidiol can effectively reduce anxiety and significantly improve mental health. A 2015 study published by the National Library of Medicine concluded that CBD has considerable potential to serve as a treatment for multiple anxiety disorders. This shows why many people prefer taking natural CBD over chemical-ridden medication to cure anxiety-related conditions.

Depression is another mental health problem that can be easily cured via CBD. Many people suffering from chronic depression prefer natural cannabidiol over antidepressants because of its wide range of benefits. A 2009 study on animals, published in the British Journal of Pharmacology, found CBD-induced antidepressant-like effects. This proves why CBD has been the go-to for many people going through mental health problems.

The pain-relieving effects of cannabis have been known for over two millennia. The pain relief that cannabis provides is backed by the latest research and scientific evidence. A study published in 2018 by the Journal of Pain Research concluded that CBD could effectively alleviate pain in people with chronic diseases. Another research promulgated by the National Library of Medicine found that CBD can help with pain and muscle spasms in people with multiple sclerosis.

The Permanente Journal posted a study in 2019 which found that CBD could help with anxiety-induced sleep-related disorders and help people sleep better and for longer. CBD is also known for its benefits in helping reduce seizures and helping people with epilepsy. A 2019 study found that CBD could effectively cure epilepsy in people, showing the benefits of CBD are too many to count.

Along with all this, CBD is also one of the best remedies for addiction. Tens of studies have been conducted to show the effectiveness of CBD in helping people get over addiction.

Side Effects of CBD Oil

Naturally extracted CBD oil is safe for everyone to take and benefit from. Moreover, the products on our list are all made from natural extracts. They have been tried by hundreds of thousands of people who have approved the results without reporting any complications.

Nevertheless, excess of everything is terrible; always take the dose recommended by your doctor or the manufacturer to avoid any inconvenience. Furthermore, if you have any preexisting conditions or are taking any prescription medication or supplements, it would be a good decision to consult a doctor before using CBD oil.

CBD Oil Recommended Dose

The recommended dose varies from product to product because every supplement contains a specific CBD concentration and other ingredients. The recommended dose is usually given on the label of the product. However, the amount can vary for people. To ensure you get the most out of your purchase, consult a doctor for an optimum dosage or take the supplement gradually to find out what works best for you.

Best Way to Take CBD Oil

There is no one way of using CBD Oil; some people mix it with water, while some use drops. Some people even apply topical oils to affected areas.

You can use the method that works the best for you.

Frequently Asked Questions About CBD Oil

Our team of experts gets hundreds of questions every week regarding CBD and its uses. Some of the most important and frequently asked questions have been answered below.

Q: What is CBD?

A: CBD or cannabidiol is an all-natural extract. It comes from the hemp plant and has been linked to several health benefits, including pain relief and several mental health benefits.

Q: What is CBD oil?

A: CBD oil is extracted from the hemp plant. The oil is produced after the crushing and squeezing of the hemp plant. It is then further processed to create CBD products.

Q: Are there any safety concerns regarding CBD oil?

A: CBD oil is entirely safe for all adults to use. It is a natural extract that does not pose any significant risks if used in the recommended quantities. However, taking too much of it can result in problems like anxiety and paranoia, so it is always advisable never to take too much CBD oil.

Q: Is CBD oil legal?

A: Yes, CBD oil became legal following the 2018 Farm Bill on the federal level. You can carry any CBD product with less than 0.3% THC concentration with you without having to worry about any legality issues.

Q: What is the best amount of CBD to take?

A: There is no set amount of CBD suitable for people to take. The optimum dose can be higher for some people than others and vice versa. The optimum dosage of CBD depends on your tolerance; if you have a high tolerance, you may take more amounts of CBD than others, whereas, if you have low tolerance, you won’t be able to take higher doses.

Q: Will I get high if I use CBD?

A: No, CBD will not get you high. It only contains a minimal amount of THC, which helps relax the body without producing a high.

Q: Which CBD product is the best for pain relief?

A: All of the products on our ranking, especially the ones dedicated to joint pain and arthritis, can significantly help relieve pain.

Q: Will CBD show up on a drug test?

A: If you take mild amounts of CBD, it won’t appear on a drug test. However, if you take CBD in high doses, you can expect it to appear on a drug test.

Q: How will cannabidiol benefit me?

A: The benefits of CBD are too many to count. Some of the significant benefits to the body include pain relief, inflammation reduction, anxiety relief, addiction support, and many others.

Q: What does it mean by full-spectrum CBD oil?

A: Full-spectrum CBD oil contains everything the hemp plant has to offer. Full-spectrum CBD contains terpenes and flavonoids, along with other natural extracts that complement the working of cannabidiol and make it more effective.

Q: Is there a difference between hemp oil and CBD oil?

A: Yes, the two are pretty different. Hemp oil comes from the hemp plant’s seeds, while CBD oil is extracted from the leaves, flowers, and buds.

Q: What is broad-spectrum CBD oil?

A: Broad spectrum CBD oil is different from full-spectrum CBD oil in its composition. It contains terpenes and flavonoids like CBD oil; however, it has 0% THC, unlike CBD oil. Broad-spectrum CBD oil is perfect for anyone looking to extract all the benefits of CBD without any THC.

Q: Which is the best company when it comes to CBD oil?

A: Any of the brands mentioned in our ranking are among the best CBD oil producers you can find anywhere. Brands like Populum, Premium Jane, CBDPure, and SomaLeaf are among the top CBD brands in the market.

The Top 11 Best CBD Oil Products in 2022 Final Word

The CBD oil market space is one of the most saturated right now; finding a good CBD product is not an easy feat. Nevertheless, the products and manufacturers mentioned in our ranking guarantee premium quality and effective results, making them perfect for anyone looking for a reliable CBD oil company. Try a top CBD oil product above today!

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