Letters To The Editor

Ending needle exchange endangers lives

County Commissioners Vicki Raines and Wes Cormier are taking our county public health backward by ending the needle exchange program.

  • Jan 24th, 2019

Thank you to the community for helping feed neighbors

Montesano is a wonderful place to live and individuals, groups and businesses really step up with donations

  • Dec 24th, 2018

Columnists enjoyed and missed

I just want to let you know how much I enjoy the columns by Tommi Gatlin and Don Brunell.

  • Nov 29th, 2018

Eight steps to a better world

Upset 89-year-old’s view of U.S.A’s problems.

  • Nov 29th, 2018

Kahler does not meet standards for Superior Court

The vote FOR our community and it’s ultimate safety is the vote FOR David Mistachkin

  • Nov 1st, 2018

Foster promises a new, fresh direction for the Clerk’s Office

What we deserve is new leadership in the Clerk’s Office. We need a fresh start — a clear change.

  • Oct 31st, 2018

No ‘change’ needed at clerk

Change just for the sake of change is not only foolish, it can be dangerous and costly to Grays Harbor County.

  • Oct 31st, 2018

Vote for Chris Thomas, county auditor.

We must not allow this trend of voter suppression to gain a foothold here. We have been very lucky in Grays Harbor County to have had the county Auditor’s Office run open and fair elections and registrations.

  • Oct 25th, 2018

Mistachkin for Superior Court judge

I have known David for over 15 years, first as a defense attorney and second as a judge for District Court II for 2 years. He was always fair to the staff and listened to our concerns.

  • Oct 25th, 2018

Kym Foster will return integrity to the Clerk’s Office

Kym has an amazing vision of what she wants to see happen in the Clerk’s Office.

  • Oct 25th, 2018

Kym Foster for Clerk

When I moved to Grays Harbor County in 2017, I was shocked to learn that the county clerk had tipped off a pedophile before he was arrested. Then she told the Sheriff’s Office what she did was OK! Nothing about this action is OK.

  • Oct 25th, 2018

Erin Frasier unfairly attacked

Don’t be fooled by the dirty political ads from attacking Erin Frasier.

  • Oct 25th, 2018

Louthan is best qualified for clerk

Janice Louthan has a wealth of knowledge about every detail and requirement of this position, acquired through working in the office for the last 28 years.

  • Oct 25th, 2018

Chris Thomas for auditor

Chris has dedicated himself to public service in our community.

  • Oct 25th, 2018

Erin Frasier is a leader in workforce development

It is time to elect a strong advocate for the people: Erin Frazier.

  • Oct 11th, 2018

Patti McLean for county assessor

Mason County profoundly needs a change in the Assessor’s Office and the perfect person to make that change for the better is on the ballot box this election. That person is Patti McLean.

  • Oct 11th, 2018

Support for Louthan

Co-workers back Louthan for clerk We are employees of the Grays Harbor…

  • Oct 11th, 2018

Supporting Kahler for bench

Kahler is diligent and trustworthy I’ve known Ray Kahler since 2003 when…

  • Oct 10th, 2018

Press freedom is foundation of democracy

Numerous presidential administrations have come and gone while we have watched a deepening divide between the two parties. I cannot say that I am a moderate, for every time I think there is no difference between our two parties, the Republicans develop policies that cause my blood pressure to spike! Policies like cutting social security and curtailing Medicare all the while increasing military spending to the absurd.

  • Sep 6th, 2018

Sign up for holiday baskets

Because of many factors, the Montesano Food Bank is implementing some minor changes in our operation in an attempt to be thrifty. In the past, we estimated the number of Thanksgiving and Christmas Baskets.

  • Aug 30th, 2018