Letter to the Editor: Support Hensley for GHFD No. 2 fire commissioner

This letter is to show our support for Dale Hensley in the upcoming election for GHFD No. 2s Fire Commissioner position.

Dale is running against Paul Dean, and we believe he is the best candidate for the position. Dale has 12 years of previous experience as a commissioner with GHFD No. 2 and was a vital part of the development of our ALS transport system and the bringing on of full-time staffing for the agency. Dale currently lives within the fire district and has for many years. We believe his previous experience as a commissioner and being a firefighter for the Aberdeen Fire Department gives him a vast knowledge of the area we serve and a vested interest in helping the fire district progress forward. We have formally endorsed him for the position and ask that you please vote “yes” for him on this upcoming ballot. Thank you.

IAFF Firefighter’s Local 4258

Tony Broten, Phil Oldham, James Kuchciak, James Sande, Austin Edwards, Travis Zimmerman