Foster promises a new, fresh direction for the Clerk’s Office

As someone who has worked in the Grays Harbor County Clerk’s Office for the past 12 and a half years, I am wholeheartedly and enthusiastically supporting Kym Foster for clerk.

I have seen first-hand the problems with Janice Louthan’s work as chief deputy clerk. She has mishandled finances, disciplined employees over petty issues, and driven away great employees from working at the office through her controlling attitude. Now she is trying to separate herself from the unethical behavior of Clerk Cheryl Brown, even though Brown has publicly campaigned in support of Louthan. Louthan is Brown’s hand-picked deputy who has dutifully served beside Brown through Brown’s unethical decisions.

What we deserve is new leadership in the Clerk’s Office. We need a fresh start — a clear change. We need new direction and management in the Clerk’s Office, and Kym Foster will bring a refreshing change of atmosphere. Our prosecutors, law enforcement, commissioners and public need to be able to trust the clerk, and Kym’s character and integrity will bring those values back to the Clerk’s Office. Her focus on great customer service will directly benefit the public. Kym Foster is promising a new, fresh direction for the Clerk’s Office. I support that direction and trust Kym Foster to implement that vision with enthusiasm and integrity. That’s why I’m voting for Kym Foster for clerk, and I ask you to join me.

Sarah Sigler