Erin Frasier unfairly attacked

Having listened to the radio yesterday (Oct. 16), I couldn’t help hearing all the ads the (Jim) Walsh campaign is running about how Erin Frasier takes money from Seattle people and would be their rep if elected.

Anyone who knows Erin would immediately dismiss this as dirty politics. Erin was born and raised on a family farm in Pe Ell. She put herself through school and has spent her working career helping people get their lives back in order.

Now compare this with Jim Walsh. He moved here from out of state. He got himself elected to the state Republican Party and seems to only represent their platform.

Although he talks a lot about jobs and education, he doesn’t mention that he tried to restrict women’s medical decisions. This goes directly to their state platform. He often votes contrary to the Coastal Caucus.

Don’t be fooled by the ads, check out their records.

Richard Kivi