Dilley for Hospital District 2 board

Letter to the Editor

We encourage all the voters in Hospital District Number 2 to vote for Scott Dilley.

It’s been four plus years since voters in Grays Harbor voted to form a Public Hospital District, and Grays Harbor Community Hospital has not yet solved its problems, despite the additional taxpayer funds. We were promised that these taxpayer funds would save the hospital, but layoffs of local workers and the outsourcing of jobs has squandered the public trust.

The current Hospital Board has not made good choices and is nowhere near where they said it would be. The current Board is still treating the hospital as a private entity, with not enough transparency to the taxpayers, such as the way they withheld information about the ransomware attack. They seem to not comprehend that GH Community Hospital is now the “peoples’ hospital” since the voters decided to fund it with public monies.

It is time for big changes for the Grays Harbor Community Hospital Board. Scott Dilley is the choice for Hospital District 2. I know that Scott Dilley has reviewed the financial status and has sounded the alarm about the drastically low cash balance that puts our hospital and services at risk.

Billing issues, data security, and outsourcing local jobs are compelling reasons why we need change and we need to elect Scott Dilley on the Hospital Board.

We know that Scott Dilley has 15 years of public policy experience, financial analysis and communications. He’s highly respected in Olympia, as is attested to by as his appointment to farm labor and employment workgroups by two governors and appointments to serve on an energy advisory committee, a Department of Labor and Industries committee and an aviation biofuels work group.

Just as it’s time to make changes on the Hospital Board, it’s time to allow someone with a new perspective to help steer Grays Harbor Community Hospital to a new, successful future.

Please vote for Scott Dilley for Hospital District 2, Position 2. Thank you!

Darcel and Jerry Nootenboom