Hoquiam’s boys, Elma’s girls nab all-county track titles

A historic first-ever all-county track meet at Aberdeen was enjoyed particularly by Hoquiam’s boys — and belatedly by Elma’s girls.

The Grizzlies and Eagles made off with team honors in the 59th annual Ray Ryan Memorial Grays Harbor All-County Track &Field Champ ionships on April 15 at Miller Junior High.

Powered by Anthony Nash’s three victories, the Grizzlies outpointed runner-up North Beach, 123-109, in the boys team competition. Aberdeen was third with 108.

At the conclusion of festivities on Saturday, North Beach was reported as nipping Elma, 130-129, in the girls team standings. But a Hyak girl intended to be a junior varsity performer was erroneously entered in varsity events, resulting in the subtraction of North Beach points from four events (including an apparent winning effort in the 4×100 relay).

After lengthy recalculations (which including rectifying scoring errors in several other events), meet officials determined Elma’s girls had compiled 125 points, 20 more than runner-up North Beach.

Female honors were shared by Aberdeen’s Faith Cardenas, a triple winner in the girls 100 (12.99) and 200 (27.11) and as a member the Bobcat sprint relay foursome and Montesano senior Shayla Floch. The latter took the girls long jump at 16-3 and tied a meet record shared by five others with a 5-2 high jump.

Nash accounted for three of Hoquiam’s five boys victories. Although impressive in the individual events, his highlight was probably overhauling Elma ace Ira Hartford in the closing strides of the 4×100 relay. Chris Smith, Artimus Johnson and Jonah Doll rounded out the winning squad.

On the girls side, Elma’s deep, well-balanced girls overcame several near-misses to eventually emerge with the team title.

Unaware of the team result in the immediate aftermath of the meet, Eagle coach Bryan Schneider expressed mixed emotions.

“We probably have more sprint depth than we’ve ever had,” Schneider said. “But we’re still young and we made some mistakes. There were some good things and some bad things today.”

Elma freshman Jillian Bieker was a double individual winner in the girls 100 (17.11) and 300 hurdles (48.99). Seemingly second to North Beach in the girls sprint relay, the Eagles inherited the title in that event as well due to the participation of the aforementioned ineligible Hyak runner.

Eagle sophomore Maddie Clark outleaned North Beach’s Reilly Moore for a razor-thin victory in the girls 400 meters and freshman Reina Schneider took the girls 3,200.

The Eagle boys received individual wins from seniors Brandon Butcher in the 400 (53.38) and Sohtye Tep in the 800 (2:14.16). Butcher also joined Hartford, Jaydn Edenstrom and Cody Vollan on a victorious mile relay team.

Tep, who surged in the final 400 meters, was singled out by Schneider for a strong showing.

Until the corrections were made, it appeared that North Beach’s girls owed a debt of gratitude to Hoquiam freshman Savannah Lutz.

Apparently needing in the concluding 4×400 relay (the last event of the program) to beat out North Beach for team honors, Elma led the Grizzlies entering the final lap.

Running the event for the first time with Elyse Goulet sidelined due to an infected knee, Lutz overtook Elma’s Cheyanne Jines with about 300 meters remaining. Jines rallied around the final curve and appeared on the verge of regaining the lead. But the seemingly weakening Lutz found her second wind to withstand the challenge by a couple of strides. Courtney McCormick and the Delahanty twins, Alexis and Kayla, were the other members of the winning unit.

With Montesano’s state 1A champion Jordan Spradlin missing the meet to compete in the prestigious Pasco Invitational, North Beach’s Fruh sisters dominated the weights. Natasha Fruh edged older sibling Nannette to take both the shot and discus.

Montesano senior Jake Mustard was a double winner in the boys 1,600 (4:53.2) and 3,200 (10:53.36). Aberdeen’s Kyle Hurd, who has dominated the all-county distances in recent years, is not turning out this season.

Montesano freshman Sam Winter won the short hurdles.

“Not that many wins, but we had pretty good performances from a lot of different people,” Bulldog girls coach Doug Schupbach said. “It was nice to have a meet without rain or wind.”


Hoquiam 123, North Beach 109, Aberdeen 108, Montesano 83, Elma 74, Ocosta 63, Taholah 13, Wishkah 5.

100 — 11.1 — Nash (H), Hartford (E), Sidor (A), Butcher (E), Eastman (NB), Whipple (M). 200 — 23.58 — Nash (H), Hartford (E), Sidor (A), Smith (H), Eastman (NB), Salas (A). 400 — 53.38 — Butcher (E), Albert (M), Sidor (A), Eastman (NB), Vollan (E), Muro (NB). 800 — 2:14.16 — Tep (E), Bailey (O), Brockhoff (O), Quinby (O), Belcher (E), Anderson (O). 1,600 — 4:53.2 — Mustard (M), Clements (M), Barragan (A), Bailey (O), Aschenbrenner (A), Palmgren (W). 3,200 — 10:53.36 — Mustard (M), Clements (M), Shaw (A), Aschenbrenner (M), Barragan (A), Mitby (O). 110 H — 18.03 — Winter (M), Garcia (H), Kawashima (A), Johnson (NB), Kaczmarczyk (H), Butcher (A). 300 H — 44.84 — Silver (O), Johnson (H), Edenstrom (E), Butcher (A), Winter (M), Johnson (NB). 4×100 R — 44.93 — Hoquiam, Elma, North Beach, Aberdeen, Montesano, Ocosta. 4×400 R — 3:42.14 — Elma, Hoquiam, Montesano, North Beach, Aberdeen, Ocosta.

Shot — 46-0 — S. Bridge (NB), Castleberry-Taylor (A), Dianovich (NB), Louderback (NB), Murray (A), Brown (H). Disc — 153-1 1/2 — S. Bridge (NB), B. Bridge (NB), Dianovich (NB), tie between Brown (H) and Murray (A), Louderback (NB). Jav — 159-10 — Jackson (T), Castleberry-Taylor (A), Louderback (NB), Sears (H), Flores (T), Larsen (A). HJ — 6-4 — Merksick (H), Washington (NB), Garcia (H), Silver (O), Taylor (O), Lowder (H). LJ — 19-6 — Garcia (H), Manwell (A), Merksick (H), Whipple (M), Shale (A), Washington (NB). TJ — 40-9 1/2 — Manwell (A), Washington (NB), Davis (A), Anderson (O), Billerbeck (E), Mitby (O). PV — 13-1 — Chaney (NB), Silver (O), Johnson (H), Felten (H), Espedal (H), Palmgren (Wish).


Elma 125, North Beach 105, Hoquiam 92, Montesano 77, Aberdeen 68, Ocosta 67, Taholah 16, Wishkah 8.

100 — 12.99 — Cardenas (A), Cox (NB), Barre (M), Mason (E), Pruett (A), Scott-York (H). 200 — 27.11 — Cardenas (A), Cox (NB), Floch (M), Scott-York (H), Lensegrav (E), Niemi (A). 400 — 1:05.25 — Clark (E), Moore (NB), Niemi (A), K. Aiken (E), Sackrider (E), Hartley (E). 800 — 2:38.53 — Anderson (O), Vogler (NB), Lutz (H), Moore (NB), Holm (O), Rojas (E). 1,600 — 6:00.0 — Anderson (O), Ballo (O), Lutz (H), Peterson (M), Burgher (E), May (A). 3,200 — 14:04.03 — Schneider (E), Hutchings (M), Rojas (E), Burgher (E). 100 H — 17.11 — Bieker (E), Schupbach (M), Sandstrom (H), Martin (O), Diaz (M), Hendricks (A). 300 H — 48.99 — Bieker (E), Cardenas (A), Jines (E), Denny (O), Sandstrom (H), Diaz (M). 4×100 R — 53.97 — Elma, Montesano, Ocosta, Aberdeen, Wishkah. 4×200 R — 1:53.97 — Aberdeen, Elma, Hoquiam, Ocosta, Wishkah. 4×400 R — 4:29.22 — Hoquiam, Elma, Ocosta, Aberdeen.

Shot — 36-11 — Natasha Fruh (NB), Nannette Fruh (NB), Ray (E), Ralston (T), Heikkila (A), C. Spradlin (M). Disc — 108-6 — Natasha Fruh (NB), Nannette Fruh (NB), Bates (A), Spradlin (M), Sorensen (W), Ralston (T). Jav — 100-3 — Krohn (H), Dolan (T), Ray (E), Fruh (NB), C. Spradlin (M), Walsh (A). HJ — 5-2 (ties meet record) — Floch (M), McCormick (H), Marsh (O), Martin (O), Orona (A), Denny (O). LJ — 16-3 — Floch (M), Bieker (E), Capoeman (H), Scott-York (H), Delahanty (H), Barre (M). TJ — 31- 3/4 — Vogler (NB), Cox (NB), Capoeman (H), G. Aiken (E), K. Aiken (E), Ferry (W). PV — 10-6 (meet record) — Blankenship (NB), Capoeman (H), Pinnell (H), A. Delahanty (H).