Duke visits his human in hospital

  • Wed Mar 13th, 2019 3:57pm
  • News

SEATTLE — Going to a hospital can be terrifying. It’s nice to have a friend at your side.

This month, Margie Treadwell-Schneider of Montesano was airlifted from Grays Harbor Community Hospital in Aberdeen to Virginia Mason Medical Center in Seattle.

It’s understandable that she might like to have some company in Seattle while undergoing treatment for cancer of the esophagus.

The Virginia Mason nursing team listened carefully when Treadwell-Schneider told them about Duke and how his presence brings her a sense of peace. Following the medical center’s visitation policy, they arranged for a cot to be set up alongside Margie’s bed for when Duke and her son, who lives in Kent, comes to visit.

“I would be lost without him,” Margie said of Duke.

Duke is a gentle, 3-year-old, 147-pound rottweiler/black Lab mix, and he has been Margie’s steady companion since she adopted him several months ago.

Duke lazily stretches out on the temporary cot in Treadwell-Schneider’s hospital room, within easy arm’s reach so she can pet him.

“He provides me with emotional support,” she explains.

Treadwell-Schneider, who recently moved to Montesano from Kent, is looking forward to the day when she and Duke can again just relax on the couch at home, watch TV and hang out like good friends do.

“I am so grateful that the hospital is letting Duke stay in the room with me,” Treadwell-Schneider said. “Having him here is therapy for me.”