Letters To The Editor

LETTER: New jail contract

Community’s questions and comments addressed

  • Jun 15th, 2017

LETTER: Family of David Harner

Thanks to all who helped with the Harner/Chambers memorial

  • Jun 8th, 2017

LETTER: Forest and Fish

Cumulative efforts of forestland owners lauded

  • Jun 8th, 2017

LETTER: National Trails Days

Free access at Lake Sylvia State Park

  • May 25th, 2017

OPINION: Monopoly man

LETTER: Is “deregulation” the best course of action?

  • May 25th, 2017

LETTER: Former mayor relieved by appeal result

A letter to the editor

  • Apr 27th, 2017

LETTER: Misinformation abundant about Monte plans

A letter to the editor about the potential Montesano roundabout.

  • Apr 20th, 2017

LETTER: State needs to meet its responsibility

Indigent defense costs

  • Apr 20th, 2017

LETTER: Rest stop not a bad idea

Letter to the Editor about a possible rest stop in Montesano.

  • Apr 20th, 2017

LETTER: Cormier’s requirements for GGHI are sour grapes

Tourism promotion at the heart of the issue

  • Apr 13th, 2017

LETTER—Speak out about rest stop

A letter to the editor

  • Apr 13th, 2017

LETTER: Stingy bigot

Elma citizen concerned about Ross’s remarks

  • Mar 30th, 2017

LETTER: Stoplight is county issue

Montesano citizen finds lack of concern disturbing

  • Mar 16th, 2017

LETTER: Rest area critics organize meeting

7 p.m. on Thursday, March 16, at the Montesano Community Center

  • Mar 16th, 2017

LETTER: Public input needs public notice

A letter to the editor from the League of Women Voters of Washington State.

  • Mar 9th, 2017

LETTER: Senior Center efforts helping community

A letter to the editor about the Elma Senior Center.

  • Mar 2nd, 2017

LETTER: Toilets for the tourists

A letter to the editor about a potential rest area in Montesano.

  • Mar 2nd, 2017

LETTER: Right-to-work (for less money)

Right-to-work hurts workers while helping corporate interests

  • Feb 23rd, 2017

Thank you for Prop. 1 approval

Montesano Fire Department expresses gratitude for Prop. 1 approval

  • Feb 23rd, 2017